Authentic Leadership


Stories of Sovereign Man is a collection of stories, poems and accompanying illustrations inspired by a lifelong desire and ongoing exploration of what it is to be a man.

This quest has led me to seek out experiences, resonances and intimacy with men, the world, mystery itself, in unconventional ways and to find brothers, mentors and teachers in unexpected places. 

Stories of Sovereign Man celebrates encounters with remarkable men, places, entities and my own soul that initiated me on my human journey and that show diverse facets of what a  man can be.

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Walk of Life is a memoir that offers the wisdom of an ancestral pilgrimage undertaken by William Timothy Walker, between December 2012 and February 2013.  The 1,300km walk from North Carolina to Beamsville, Ontario, was initiated by a calling to walk to into the unknown to claim his name and honor his lineage and to leave everything behind to do so. 

Walk of Life shares the unfolding truth of his journey and invites readers to listen to their own longing and find and follow their own truth through guided invitations. The story is both personal and transpersonal. William offers wisdom for the human journey based on his own experience through the language of different spiritual traditions and practices, archetypes, ancestral wisdom, the unconscious, nature mysticism, and his philosophy of life.

$35 including shipping.