Mastery Practice, Tools and Support

Team Building



Hourly and intensive (half day to 2 day) team facilitation for executive and organizational teams, business partners, and collaborators.

Example focuses of team building include: exploring and aligning to strategic directions and actions, developing more skill and options in dealing with conflict, clarifying and committing to working relationships and agreements, developing and instituting leadership philosophy and practices, creating a culture of authenticity and integrity.


“I hired Will Walker for a number of staff retreats with my charity (the St-James Drop-In Centre-Streetsuds) in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Will who is well aware of the work we do was hired to help facilitate 4 one day staff retreats with the employees of our 2 locations. Each retreat had a specific purpose, including team building, vision casting, and task sharing. Working with Will allowed us to identify and prioritize the different objectives that we needed to achieve over a 6 to 12 month period as well as to take the time to bring the staff together for a period of support and encouragement.  It wasn’t always easy for the staff to be honest in sharing their concerns during our meetings, but Will was able to create a safe space for the staff to do that honestly. These times of sharing have become a priority for our staff as it allows them to share ideas and concerns in a way that is difficult in the day-to-day operations of our charity.”

—Al Spitzer, Executive Director, St. James Drop In Center and Streetsuds

“After my positive experience in the Executive Alignment retreat, I spoke to William about creating a course for some of the key leadership team in my organization in an effort to collaboratively affect more clarity on the organization's mission and values.  My hopes were to have a living discussion with the people whom I saw with the most leadership potential.  We had a really positive 1-day retreat and I heard a lot from the team and established a keen interest and alignment with them and the company.  We left the course really excited about the vision for the future.”

—Andrew St. Royal, CEO and Founder, St. Royal Entertainment