Mastery Practice, Tools and Support




The Way of Apprenticeship provides customized learning apprenticeships for leaders and organizations on a path of mastery. All programs are designed and facilitated to support the inner capacity development of individuals, groups and organizations that is required to meet the evolving and complex demands of the modern work environment. Inner capacity specifically refers to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual competencies that are necessary to optimize individual and collective synergy and performance.   



We work with your authentic learning needs and create an optimal learning solution that addresses core issues imperative to your and your organization's evolution. 



What needs to be learned must be learned. There's no way around it. This approach helps bring you into honest contact with where you really need to be looking to then take an authentic step forward.



Our greatest creative capacity often lies the places we avoid most. It takes courage as a leader and a team to go to where the fire is really burning, where the learning really needs to happen. This learning edge is also a source of profound creativity--this is what guides our journey.



For learning to be embodied it needs to be practiced and applied in context amidst real-world situations, challenges and problems. The Way of Apprenticeship works with your contextual uniqueness.