Authentic Leadership

Executive Coaching

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All of my services are intended to support, clarify, authenticate and strengthen your purpose and practical leadership as an individual, leader, team or organization.

Executive COACHING

I provide in-person and online coaching sessions for executives and entrepreneurs who want to be authentic while growing their leadership capacity and performance based on the emergent learning and growth areas in their work and life. Topics are work and life related and whatever is most meaningful and important to you to clarify and integrate. Confidentiality is honored.

Example focuses of coaching include: claiming inner authority, career change and re-branding, managing complex relationships, integrating unconscious shadow energy, developing strategic options in difficult situations, clarifying professional visions, advocating for legitimate organizational needs and desires, deepening and practicing leadership presence, developing practices to sustain energy and attention (e.g. mindfulness) amidst work and life, creating an Integral Life Practice that supports and sustains your purpose.

Rates: $250/hour / $2,750 for 3 month program / $5,500 for 6 months / $11,000 for one year

*Programs include bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) 1-hour sessions, accountability emails, and 2 hours per month for spontaneous phone calls for inspiration and perspective on challenges and situations.

*Prices are in Canadian dollars.

CUSTOM RETREATs for individuals

Pick an inspiring destination and awaken to greater soulfulness, clarity of purpose and inspired action through intensive coaching giving you time and space to let go, claim essential parts of yourself and meet your life in integrity and strength. Rest, restore and see more clearly. Retreats can be one day, two days or longer.

Example focuses of coaching include: visioning and planning a more inspiring version of your life, clarifying career and livelihood changes, healing emotional isolation, dis-identifying from inauthentic beliefs and worldviews, clarifying self in relation to roles, businesses, friends & partners.

Rates: $250/hour (6 hours of intensive coaching per day) plus expenses.

*Prices are in Canadian dollars.

team facilitation

I offer customized workshops for executive and organizational teams and small businesses.

Example focuses of workshops include: strategic planning, conflict resolution, clarifying and committing to working relationships and agreements, developing and instituting leadership philosophy and practices.

If you are interested in a customized workshop please contact me and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

Rates: Varies depending on group size and topic/project complexity. Please inquire for a quote.

leadership adventures

I design and facilitate customized trips for executives, entrepreneurs, teams seeking challenging, adventurous and out of the ordinary experiences that help them outgrow limiting behaviours, beliefs and worldviews and discover new ways of being and seeing the world.

Example retreats include: vision quests in nature.

If you are interested in a leadership adventure please contact me and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

Rates: Varies depending on location and length. Please inquire.