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Rituals are offered to groups to address certain themes and seasonal needs neglected in society. New rituals will added from time to time so please check in on this section periodically. All rituals are held and lead in the thematic spirit of The Way of Apprenticeship including a quest for meaning, a love of learning, deep democracy, and evolutionary tension and responsibility. Please inquire to find out more about the rituals listed here, to book your group, and to get a quote.

bachelor ritual

This ritual is for men that want to offer a meaningful initiation to their brother and don’t know how. The purpose of this ritual is to include the modern ritual’s tone of lightheartedness, bonding and risk, while reclaiming the care, presence and accountability of ritual space so that the man is ultimately strengthened rather than embarrassed, not taken seriously, and weakened as modern bachelor rituals can do. Ultimately, the ritual is to help the bachelor cross a threshold in the presence of community so that he is more prepared, leaderly and empowered to enter into his union.

Rituals are typically 2 nights, 3 days, and can be organized in both urban and nature-based settings or a combination thereof. Click here to see a sample bachelor ritual itinerary.