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Living a life of truth, being in the world and of essence, is no easy thing. We are continuously challenged not only to be ourselves but to embody more authenticity, integrity and practical ability to handle the stresses and complexities of our day to day lives, roles and projects. I have devoted most of my adult life to the study of practical wisdom, wisdom that works in the world. This is what I call The Way of Apprenticeship, a way of being and learning in the world aligned with the pursuit of wisdom while simultaneously grounded in the necessity to embody wisdom in practice.

My work is for people who are committed to the pursuit of wisdom within their lives and projects.

client feedback

"Will helped me create alignment where alignment didn't seem possible.  It was nothing short of a miracle. It's not possible to put a value on that. Will has a unique ability to blend business acumen with the wisdom that comes from being connected to spirituality.  He is passionate about helping leaders embody leadership in the most authentic way.  Many people talk about wanting to create change. Will lives and breathes it.”

David Bryan, Co-Founder/ CEO, Keyturn Public Benefit Corporation

"Will delivers his mentoring and facilitating from a core of authenticity and integrity. His approach is pragmatic and individually tailored to the needs of his clients. I have complete confidence in him.”

—Dr. Darrell R. Johnson, Psychologist, 20+ years of practicing

“Will sips the neuroses of the world like a fine wine: appreciating the barriers we unconsciously throw on ourselves and seeing the profound opportunities that lie therein. He is a passionate seeker of truth and conscious living.” -

—Steve Leckman, Co-Director at Programmes Coyote

"To engage with Will is an encounter of personal challenge that can be as radical as you want it to be. And he won't let you go as long as you want to hang on. And while you're there, nothing goes unnoticed in his earnest pursuit to leverage your potential: be prepared to level up. Will's ways are accompanied by many tools and, in my experience, 'presence' is the name on his toolbox.”

—Chad Bersheid, Facilitator and Ceremonialist

“William Walker spoke at Open Door in May 2015. Open Door is a weekly reintegration activity designed to help inmates and ex-inmates successfully transition back into the community at the end of their prison sentence.  Since 2007 I have scheduled over 600 guest speakers from every field imaginable: professors, activists, business owners and so on. The caliber of our speakers is very high, and to Mr. Walker's credit, his presentation on "Mythology and Finding Personal Meaning, Responsibility and Empowerment in One's Life", was one of the most inspirational and memorable Open Doors I have experienced.”

—Jeri Pitzel,Coordinator, Open Door, Le Mouvement Comm
unitas Inc.