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I coach and mentor individual leaders and teams to grow into more conscious expressions of their leadership and cultures for the benefit of all stakeholders. I offer executive coaching, customized retreats, facilitation for teams to get more aligned, and experiential adventures for renewal and inspiration.

My way of working is based on creating authentic relationships with my clients and building meaningful, effective and sustainable approaches to life, work, and relationships. My approach is integral, developmental, and grounded in practical wisdom. Spirituality, emotional fluency, ethics, personal style, physical health, creativity, finance, and life purpose are all topics/dimensions of self that I include and work with.

Since 2003 I have worked with leaders and teams from organizations including Nike, New Balance, Posteel, Standard Chartered Bank, Yappn Corp, Blue Rush, The Royal Bank of Canada, Emergent BioSolutions, Acass, Terasen Gas, GC Biotherapeutics, Lexis Nexis as well as in non-profit organizations and start-up companies.

I have helped clients in Canada, the US and Asia in identifying greater meaning in their lives and work, overcoming modern constraints and barriers, navigating organizational crisis, working through conflicting business partnerships, and actualizing increasing authentic and conscious versions of themselves. Presence, compassion and practical wisdom continue to be the basis of my work.

I am known known for developing my own and others' leadership in unconventional ways including intentionally living homelessness, following a calling to undertake a 68-day ancestral pilgrimage during winter on the Appalachian trail, and taking clients on pilgrimage walks with no money and identification as a means to deepen humility, creativity and self-awareness.

I am graduate of the Leicester University Sports Management MBA program and hold a Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure from the University of Ottawa. I have published peer reviewed articles on coaching and leadership and taught university courses on leadership at Concordia University, Korea University and Hongik University. I am the author of two books: Stories of Sovereign Man and Walk of Life: A Pilgrimage in Search of Roots, Healing and Inner Truth.

client feedback

“William has an exacting ability to presence where you are at and hold a rich developmentally informed container to grow into where your most called to be.  His listening depth and generative way of engaging you is rare in today’s marketplace of offerings.  Because he has done deep work on himself, you can count on William’s wisdom to source and resource you in your path, work and calling.  Because his sensors are richly attuned to and through his own carved out sensibility of meaning, because his why is real, palpable, there’s a rare experience to be had that when you face into where you are with him, untold possibilities begin to become tangible.  Support like this is frankly rare and priceless.”

Dr. Olen Gunnlaugson, University of Laval

"William helped me create alignment where alignment didn't seem possible.  It was nothing short of a miracle. It's not possible to put a value on that. William has a unique ability to blend business acumen with the wisdom that comes from being connected to spirituality.  He is passionate about helping leaders embody leadership in the most authentic way.  Many people talk about wanting to create change. William lives and breathes it.”

David Bryan, Co-Founder/ CEO, Keyturn Public Benefit Corporation

"William delivers his mentoring and facilitating from a core of authenticity and integrity. His approach is pragmatic and individually tailored to the needs of his clients. I have complete confidence in him.”

—Dr. Darrell R. Johnson, Psychologist, 20+ years of practicing

“William sips the neuroses of the world like a fine wine: appreciating the barriers we unconsciously throw on ourselves and seeing the profound opportunities that lie therein. He is a passionate seeker of truth and conscious living.” -

—Steve Leckman, Co-Director at Programmes Coyote

"To engage with William is an encounter of personal challenge that can be as radical as you want it to be. And he won't let you go as long as you want to hang on. And while you're there, nothing goes unnoticed in his earnest pursuit to leverage your potential: be prepared to level up. William's ways are accompanied by many tools and, in my experience, 'presence' is the name on his toolbox.”

—Chad Bersheid, Facilitator and Ceremonialist

“The Executive Alignment retreat I did with William had a tremendous impact on my business, but more importantly, the way I thought about my business. Being a leader of a growing live music agency, it's easy to get consumed with operational concerns. Going into my fifth year of business I was transitioning into a more pure leadership role where previously I was doing a bit of everything.  I felt a call to explore what being a leader in my organization could look like and go deeper into my own capacity for leadership - and what I could do to be as effective as possible.  In the retreat, William lead an exploration deeper into the WHY of my business and specifically the meaning of the brand and my and my brand's purposes. At times it was difficult to go deeper but William is a skilled listener and leader and he knew when to push me when more clarity was needed or when I wasn't being fully honest with myself.  We extracted a solid vision statement and a new vocabulary around my core values as a leader, and for the business, we created 5 core company values as well.  This was a valuable experience for me and has helped shape the artist and employee culture in my organization.”

—Andrew St. Royal, CEO and Founder, St. Royal Entertainment