Authentic Leadership
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The Way of Apprenticeship was founded by William Walker and is ultimately an accident. It is a result of personal, professional and educational choices and callings heeded into wild adventures in business, professional trades, and natural and societal wilderness.  William has studied human development intensely for decades through ongoing self-transformation and personal action research adventures, with colleagues and friends, through family and lineage, and with clients and has gained substantive practical wisdom of to how support personal and team development in individuals, groups and organizations.  An experienced leadership mentor, William has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders internationally in private, public and non-profit sectors. William has been exposed to many of the challenges facing both small and large organizations at the leadership level and the core challenge for leaders to act in integrity while simultaneously optimizing business performance. His mentoring has benefited leaders in such corporations and institutions as New Balance, Adapt Pharma, Blue Rush, Lexis Nexis, University of Laval, United Theological College at McGill University, Posteel, and Standard Chartered Bank, as well as in non-profit organizations, start-up companies and grass-roots community initiatives. 

Professionally, William has worked as a human resources and management consultant, youth mentor, English as a Second Language teacher to students of all ages, executive coach, university professor, academic researcher, outdoor educator, and has co-lead entrepreneurial projects including the establishment of a leadership education firm in South Korea, the development of a sustainable executive branding education firm in Canada, and the evolution of an inter-generational men's community organization devoted to healthy men's psycho-social development throughout the lifespan.

In 2002, William embarked on a life changing adventure outside the box of career, money, and societal shoulds and should nots where he followed a deep thread of human belonging and meaning, leading him to walk for thousands of kilometers in search of ancestral wisdom, spend hundreds of hours in direct contact with deep wilderness, and experience urban homelessness. This apprenticeship is the foundation of his work today with leaders and organizations where he provides learning contexts and support to individuals and groups to be who they are truly called to be.

William is a graduate of the Leicester University MBA program in the UK and holds a Bachelor's degree in Leisure Studies from the University of Ottawa. He has published peer reviewed articles on coaching and leadership and taught university graduate courses on leadership and adult learning at Concordia University in Montreal.  He is the author of two books: Stories of Sovereign Man and Walk of Life: A Pilgrimage in Search of Roots, Healing and Inner Truth.