Authentic Leadership


Summary of the Approach

The Way of Apprenticeship is an approach to leadership development grounded in the concept of lifelong self-mastery and the inherent drive in all humans and human systems to realize potentials through social contracts including relationships, groups, professions, entrepreneurialism, technology, and community service. Given all social contracts are embedded in a web of unfolding complexity, growth and transformation they demand most individuals and groups of people to continuously develop new skills and human capacities to meet the challenges therein and to become functional and potentially optimizing members of society. The Way of Apprenticeship is both a perspective and action orientation to continuously learn and develop for the sake of emerging planetary complexity.

The approach is not bound to context, culture or age because it is organically rooted in servicing the unique, raw and dynamic potentials that underlie any human system. People and systems need to learn different things at different times to optimize themselves. And so learning, which can also be described as the capacity for continual self-mastery, is the engine of this approach to leadership development where dignity can be brought to whatever context or predicament one is engaged in and where their is a sincerity and willingness to learn.

The Way of Apprenticeship is a theory of personal and social change, a method, and a dynamic philosophical system. It is a leadership approach in that it responsibilizes individuals and groups to take learning into their own hands which explicitly engages the deepest possible sense of what it is to be a leader, which could be described as life leadership or sacred leadership and even systems leadership.