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Founded by William Timothy Walker in 2016, The Way of Apprenticeship is a social enterprise that serves executives, entrepreneurs and and men in being authentic and capable leaders.

About Me

How can we be human, uniquely ourselves, and also take responsibility in our lives? This is a question I have been living into and guiding others through most of my life.

I have spent most of my adulthood studying in-depth the relationship between inner health (psychological, emotional and spiritual maturation) and practical action, both personally and professionally. In 2012, while doing a doctoral degree on leadership education I was deeply called to leave and embark on a quest in search of humanity, adventure and wisdom. This decision went against all the advice and opinions of everyone around me and it wasn’t easy though it lead to experiences and wisdom that I knew I could not find doing a doctoral degree. For over 2 years I found myself learning and practicing what I now see as simply authentic leadership through harsh conditions and disorienting contexts including homelessness and deep wilderness. During this time I embarked on a 68-day walking pilgrimage by foot along the Appalachian Trail during winter as a rite of passage into a deeper connection with myself, society and ancestry.

For over 15 years I have engaged inner work amidst other personal, civic and professional commitments including therapeutic, coaching, mentoring and group relationships focused on developing emotional fluency, relational competency, spiritual connection and conscious communication and dialogue. I have also engaged in my own meditation practice consistently for 10 years and studied the practical embodiment of spirituality through work and relationships, which I continue to do. Men's development, including psychological, social, and relational growth has also been a deep and ongoing study for me.

In 2016 I founded a social enterprise, The Way of Apprenticeship, a leadership consultancy that supports and empowers entrepreneurs and business leaders in developing wise leadership strategies and actions. Over the years I have worked with executives, senior-managers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders internationally from corporations such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Adapt Pharma, Nike, New Balance, Posteel, Standard Chartered Bank, Yappn Corp, Lexis Nexis as well as in non-profit organisations and start up companies. I enjoy meeting and dignifying people where they are I have been afforded diverse experiences to do so including mentoring youth with Boys to Men Canada and Outward Bound Canada and participating in and leading workshops on personal well-being to inmates.

I have worked as a human resources and management consultant, youth mentor, English as a Second Language teacher to students of all ages, executive coach, university professor, academic researcher, outdoor educator and carpenter. I am a graduate of the Leicester University MBA program in the UK and hold a Bachelor's degree in Leisure Studies from the University of Ottawa. I have published and presented articles on coaching and leadership and taught university graduate courses on leadership and adult learning at Concordia University in Montreal and Korea University in Seoul. 


“William Walker spoke at Open Door in May 2015. Open Door is a weekly reintegration activity designed to help inmates and ex-inmates successfully transition back into the community at the end of their prison sentence.  Since 2007 I have scheduled over 600 guest speakers from every field imaginable: professors, activists, business owners and so on. The caliber of our speakers is very high, and to Mr. Walker's credit, his presentation on "Mythology and Finding Personal Meaning, Responsibility and Empowerment in One's Life", was one of the most inspirational and memorable Open Doors I have experienced.”

—Jeri Pitzel,Coordinator, Open Door, Le Mouvement Comm
unitas Inc. 

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