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Craft a life of soul, purpose and impact.

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What is your deepest purpose as a man and where are you called to give your gifts?

How can you embody your greatness in a way that is practical and deeply meaningful to you?

I am here to help you answer these questions. I work with men of all backgrounds including executives, entrepreneurs, artists and helping professionals who are called to a life of soul, purpose and impact in all areas that call them.

I have immersed myself in the study men's psycho-spiritual development for over 15 years, devoted myself to in-depth spiritual practice and healing, been personally mentored by exceptional men, and have developed a very clear, integral, and empowering approach to masculine awakening.


“William Walker spoke at Open Door in May 2015. Open Door is a weekly reintegration activity designed to help inmates and ex-inmates successfully transition back into the community at the end of their prison sentence.  Since 2007 I have scheduled over 600 guest speakers from every field imaginable: professors, activists, business owners and so on. The caliber of our speakers is very high, and to Mr. Walker's credit, his presentation on "Mythology and Finding Personal Meaning, Responsibility and Empowerment in One's Life", was one of the most inspirational and memorable Open Doors I have experienced.”

—Jeri Pitzel,Coordinator, Open Door, Le Mouvement Comm
unitas Inc. 

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